Sunday, December 18, 2011


I know, semua yg kta harapkan x semestinya akan menjadi milik kita..Maybe kalau x dapat something tuhh, maybe Allah nak bagi something yg lebih baik..and yeah, for sure yen nak something yg lbih baik..but, until now, i'm still looking for that...Honestly, he's very very very gud boy.. he is the first guy that i'm fallen in love..ahahaha...i know it's nothing about L.O.V.E but i very like him..damn much i think..kalau duk sorang2 msti his face and his name jew yg ade kat dalam kepala neyh..since 3 years, dramatic..ahahaha..maybe because of that, bab2 study susah nak ingat..ngee~ i guess so... and i want u to know, if Allah willing, i want to be your soulmate someday...

you will never realize how much i love you

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